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  Fri Apr 03, 2015 6:10 pm
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History of the Castle Oblivion Series:
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A scientist known as Evan has his own hobby of exploring places all around the world. A rumor has been told that a treasure is hidden somewhere on a very rare island that is said to be hidden deep within a fog so thick that not even the eye of a deaf captain could see it. As the young scientist prepares to sail out in the sea in hope to find the hidden island, a greater evil awaits them that neither Evan or his companion are aware of. Will this treasure hunt turn out as it was expected, or will a drastic wave change the course of this adventure?

The story takes place on the ancient island of Strombidge. This island isn't the normal paradise you'd travel to on your vacations, this is the island that's so well hidden that no one's ever found it.
The story also takes action in a place beyond reality. Is it a dreamworld, or is it a paradise? Is it even real? You'll have to find out about that yourself!

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Gameplay and Mood:
The gameplay takes place in 2 different worlds! On the mystic island, Strombidge and inside the floors of The Castle. The game is meant to be fun to play, exciting, emotional, scary and challenging.
CO3 will deliver an epic mix of both reality AND imagination.
So if you're the fan of games based on true reality or the fan of the games that are surprisingly imaginable, stay on, this game might do the trick for both of you.

- A mysterious castle filled with over 9 different worlds to explore!
- Exciting and climactic story with twists!
- Fun gameplay with a good mix of exploration, battles, puzzles, scenes and more!
- Well mapped areas with beautiful, creepy, mysterious and unique atmospheres.
- Minimap system that displays in your upper left corner which you can turn on/off at almost any point!
- Secrets! Hidden arrows, items, skills, bosses, rooms, side quests and all kinds of goodies! Gives the game a good replay value.
- A challenging difficulty. The game requires thinking, rather than repetitive button mashing.
- Two endings! A good and a bad one.

Expected game length: 30-40 hours.


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