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  Sat Jan 02, 2016 8:47 pm
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Development Blogs are your own personal space to talk about aspects of your project as you create them (or retrospectively). You can create a blog post about absolutely anything you like, and it can be as detailed or plain as you need it to be. It is a way to have discussions about parts of your game without clogging up a single game thread, or creating threads across the boards.

Think of a blog post like a single thread where you post your content and then allow others to comment on your work. They can be viewed as individual threads, or as one blog roll from your profile, from the homepage, or from your game.

How do I make a development blog?

You already have one, you just need to add posts to it.

If your post is about a particular game:

Go to your game's thread and click the Image next to Image and you can create a new blog post. This will add it to your blog, which you get to by clicking the aforementioned green button.

What if I don't have a game thread?

You can still make a blog post! It just won't be attached to anything. In this case, you go to the dev blogs board:


Create a new thread, and that'll make a blog post that other people can then comment on. Again, you can do this about any aspect of your game you wish to talk about.

This will be viewable on your personal blog roll.

What is a personal blog?

Your personal blog contains all of the blog posts you have posted, for any game you posted them for. This is viewable from your user profile (or will be soon).

What are the rules?

Do not post blog posts about other peoples' games unless you are a member of their team, otherwise they will be deleted. This has been left open purely to allow people to have multiple developers on one game, so please do not abuse this process.

All forum rules apply to blogs and blog comments.

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