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  Thu Jan 19, 2017 2:12 pm

Sewer Rat
(NOTE: This was originally posted on December 2016 on my gamedev blog.)
Well, the last update of 2016. Time to cover upcoming and already available changes.
Under the hood improvements:
The settings, although they worked it had some issues. Two bugs were:
1) The settings slowed down the load of a save file.
2) There were times where the settings were not loaded.
The code underneath the settings was heavily improved. The new version was written in such a way that the settings file isn't bloated with mostly junk (and trim it down to the actual options you want) and make it work well, without taking seconds (or even minutes in some cases). I've moved all settings to a separate folder named “Config”, for convenience and to avoid crashing the game. Plus, a new option was added to the game: Remapping the keyboard keys! Originally, you had to press F1 and change the keyboard settings to your liking. Unfortunately, this wasn't any helpful (so you had to try and learn from the errors) and you couldn't move the movement keys to WASD, if you wanted. With the recent update, I added a key configuration menu on the title screen, allowing you to reconfigure the keys as you like. And the settings are save on your profile on the computer, so everyone who has their own account on the computer can have their own key configuration.
Graphical Updates:
One last graphical update (aside from a new title screen, so it matches with the new style) is a change on the tilesets (these are used for making the maps). Along with overhauling the graphics, it also allows bigger flexibility, allowing me to build better maps. Plus it lets me to change the window graphics between two versions (one for morning, one for night) on demand. Here are some screenshots:
That is all for now. See you on the next post.

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