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  Wed Sep 13, 2017 12:12 am
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L1 Slime
Hi, this is the storyboard animation intro I created in Adobe After Effects for a project called Soulwake. These are the ideas and vision for the storyline I want to develop. It is a Action Rpg that plays in the top down perspective with a strong emphasis on nightmarish medieval horror and hi tech alien machinery. Hope you like it and please comment!


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  Sat Sep 16, 2017 12:47 am
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Big Dumb Guy
It started off good but then it kept going. Like you went past the point of being cryptic and enigmatic.

It got boring and you weren't separating the concepts very well.
A Palace somewhere. A wizard in a tower. A fortress with an army. A Shadow portal.
The ideas all blend together. Like in reverse it sounds like
"Across a portal, in a shadowland, marches a legion army manifested by a sleeping demon, summoned by a wizard in a tower, that's part of a magic-machine palace fortress."
"Age of the Vampire" is just shoehorned in there before "A witch casting a spell on humanity you are ready for battle"
That last part seemed like a run on sentence because of the way it's presented. But it was at that point I realized this was suppose to be some kind of montage of separate things - and I had to go back and watch it again.

Maybe you should start by clarifying that this isn't one thing happening, but many obstacles to overcome. And more importantly, bring it all together by explaining why you're going to face them.
take this for example

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