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  Fri Nov 16, 2018 10:54 am
Ancient... Ok only half ancient.
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The Master Key: Chapter One

(Scroll down for screenshots!)

Hi all!

This is my first post on these forums in years. I've been casually working on a project that utilizes a slightly modified version of the H-mode7 script, and I'm starting to feel like it's quite executable.

The basic story is written to the end, but for now, the actual game development is clearly in an early alpha stage.



You play as a spacesuit wearing character, and find yourself high up in a gaunt, but lush mountain landscape. Some other characters in spacesuits are there, but just as clueless as to why they are.
If you walk around looking for clues, you'll find monuments that seem to have some sort of meaning. You also see a spaceship hovering over a pyramid, as well as three other pyramids all placed in each their own cardinal direction of the land. One of them is sending out a beam of light into the sky.

The people you talk to speculate on the meaning of it all, and you can use their hints to find out what you can do with the monuments.
If you keep finding and utilizing the function of the monuments, you'll get deeper and deeper into a mission that's supposed to help the people who live on the planet you're on, and eventually you'll have to make choices that have significant, and possibly destructive consequences.


[The Astronaut (you)]: The only one of the astronauts that might figure out the meaning of the monuments. This character knows as much about their origins as you do.

[The Oracle]: If things go well in the beginning, you'll soon meet this character.
They're of key importance to the plot, and is someone who seems to be extremely powerful.
Also an astronaut, and quickly establishes that they're of a much higher rank than you.

[The Wizard]: A native of the planet. Hides in the mountains, and interacts with you occasionally.
How much of a friend or enemy you find in this person, is difficult to figure out.

These are the characters that are decidedly in the game for now.


The game is mostly set in a mountain area where all roads lead you to a field on top of what looks like an old volcano.
Here's a map of that world:

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In-Game Screenshots
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MGCaladtogel - H-mode7 script
Cogwheel - Pixel movement script
Enterbrain - Some things that are still RTP (eventually, everything is supposed to be non-RTP)


I'm definitely looking for at least one person to join the project. I'll possibly make a recruitment thread in some time.
If you're already like totally super interested, you can PM me.

I've made some music already, and apart from the things I've credited, all the resources in the game are my doing, but I'd love to have someone else involved who were as interested in this sort of science fiction theme, and who'd also do some variation of tasks, or simply has a specific skillset, to make it a bit more interesting and rewarding to keep making this game.

If you can do any of more of these, I can definitely use your help:

-Pixel art from scratch
-Pixel art Animation (especially character animation)
-Make fun and interesting puzzles
-Eventing or scripting gameplay functions
-Possibly get involved with the plot and contribute to the story.
-Anything else that you might be able to convince me I need:)

Have nice day! More updates will come in the future.

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  Fri Nov 16, 2018 11:44 am
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Haha! I love this use of H-Mode7 - it's the kind of crazy crap I used to do (using RPG Maker to make a game that's almost totally unsuitable for RPG Maker).

How long has it taken you to get to this stage?

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  Fri Nov 16, 2018 11:57 am
Ancient... Ok only half ancient.
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...Well, that's very motivating, Xilef xD

I have no idea how long it's taken. I haven't been tending to the project regularly, and haven't excatly kept track of time.
But it's been something I've been coming back and forth to for years, possibly since H-mode7 came out. It took some zooming in the camera, finding a very simple style (cus pixels don't look that great when the game generally tries to look smooth, IMO), and adjusting the panorama to follow the camera to reach a point where it felt at least aesthetically pleasing enough to spend any time in.

How much time.. no idea really. Too much? probably:) but at least the rough work of finding ways to execute basic graphics is sort of figured out.

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  Thu Nov 22, 2018 8:57 pm
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The idea reminds me of myst for the mysterious feeling the screen shots are giving off, Love that you took this soo far from generic final fantasy style game play.

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  Thu Jan 02, 2020 1:42 pm
Ancient... Ok only half ancient.
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This project is on a halt. And is probably not going to be made in RMXP in the end:) Maybe I'll release some kind of H-mode07 "8-bit" style resource kit:)

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