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  Fri Oct 18, 2019 8:50 am
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A mod that introduces items and mechanics from Spelunky, a vertical roguelike platformer by Derek Yu.

Curseforge/Download | Gitlab | Trello
Issue Tracker | Discord Server | Optifine (recommended, especially if using the mod's dynamic lights)

*Gold Ore and Emerald Ore is now somewhat more aplenty underground and new ores (Sapphire and Ruby) are also introduced
*However, caves are more dangerous now, loaded with carved stone blocks that are instant-kill crushing hazards, spikes that instantly kill you if you fall on them and highly reactive powderboxes
*Lots of new blocks and items from decorative use, tools/utilities and new types of weapons with interesting mechanics (including a couple of Spelunky Classic exclusive items)
*Three new structures: mini-mineshafts, vaults and golden idol traps
*Dynamic environment music (music plays randomly if you're underground)
*A new death mechanic that punishes you if you are careless, you now respawn with a no-healing debuff and decreased health/hunger temporarily (config-togglable)
*Fall damage now stuns entities briefly, including you so be more careful about high drops now! (config-togglable)
*Dynamic light, this is also not just client-side so it actually updates lighting-levels (config-togglable)

+0.2: boomerang, altar tile-entity, arrow traps (unimplemented/partially working, saving for 0.2 or later), corpses, lantern, kapala, journal, new mobs (snake, bat, cobra, spinner spider, caveman, giant spider, damsel, shopkeeper)

Q: What is Spelunky?
A: Spelunky is a vertical roguelike by Derek Yu, with inspiration from treasure-hunting cliches and Indiana Jones. It features permadeath, random level generation, high difficulty and an emphasis on mastering mechanics, emergent gameplay and making decisions on the spot based on level-gen and unpredictable but predictable enemy AI. Spelunky currently has a sequel in development, slated for release next year.

Q: Can I include this in a modpack or look at the source for code-referencing?
A: Sure! Just give credit where due, especially for modpacks :)

Q: Is this server-compatible?
A: It is, from my basic LAN testing. I may need to do throughout server-testing with an actual jar, later, though.

Q: I ran into a bug/crash/etc!
A: Go to this link and submit an issue! Thanks! (issue tracker)

Q: Requests/suggestions
A: Do not use the issue tracker, please contact me via twitter/etc or join the Discord Server and use the relevant #ideas channel

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  Mon Oct 26, 2020 8:13 pm
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So, I never updated this topic when 0.1 released for 1.12.2...so I want to note, well? Currently working on a 1.16.3 port of 0.1. Will be mostly a straight port, with some expected tweaks/changes and maybe a new block/item or two due to 1.16 providing a lot more new possibilities.

Things are going smoothly. Can't guarantee an exact ETA for release but it'll be...soon?

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  Wed Oct 28, 2020 10:36 am
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You should make it so players with capes automatically gets the Spelunkcraft cape benefits for free :thumb:

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