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    Skyla Doragono
  Wed Feb 06, 2008 4:45 am
The World is Shit
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HBGames.org Literary Analysis Rules
As of 09/28/2008

To view the General Rules of HBGames.org, please click here.

Please remember that this board's rules are in conjunction with the General Forum Rules.

When posting in this forum, members are expected to understand and follow the rules and guidelines presented in this topic. This topic will be locked for the sake of cleanliness. If any member has any specific questions regarding any of these rules, feel free to send a private message to myself or any other moderator or administrator.
Thread Ownership

1.) Define Your Post Well
If you are posting a request or looking for help, then please say so in the topic title.   Please keep in mind that this is a forum for general writing; if you're looking for someone to help you write a storyline for RMXP, put the request in your game topic.

2.) Observe Good Writing Habits
We're not all perfect, but it helps that you check your grammar and spelling before you share your writing with us.   If you have a beta to do this for you, run it through them and THEN post.   If someone calls you on poor grammar and/or spelling, don't flip out on them; instead make an effort to try and find where you messed up.

3.) Do Not Post Material You Wouldn't Share with Those Close to You
Chances are if you wouldn't want to share it with someone you know in real life, then you'd probably regret putting it up on here.   Only post if your confident in what you're sharing with us.

4.) Do Not Plagiarize
Plagiarism will not be tolerated, and is an automatic ban.   In addition, do not steal part of another's work and pass it off as your own.   If someone helped you with something, and you decide to use what they suggested, credit them.

5.) Post your Writing HERE
Do not link to an outside .txt file or website.   Post your writing on this forum, using spoiler tags if your writing is really long.   If it's so long that it's too much for one post, split it between two posts; double posting would be allowed in this case.

6.) Non-English Writing...
It probably doesn't need to be said, but just in case: this is a primarily English-speaking forum.   Please do not post stories in other languages; if you wish to, use a translator like Google Language Tools and then post here.

Posting Constructively

Do not Beat a Dead Horse
If you see several posts informing a topic creator of how horrible their grammar is, or if their characters need work, or anything else that's been mentioned several times, there's no need for you to make yet another post stating as much.   The topic owner can read; there's no need to pelt them with spam.


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Post new topic This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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