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  Thu Jul 01, 2010 7:23 am
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Music Analysis Rules and Guidelines

This board was created in order for you, the user, to be able to post music and critique other member's music. This is not the place to post threads about commercial music.

This board is in conjunction with the General Rules Forum Rules and if you are not familiar with them, it is strongly suggested that you check them out.

This board is meant for the sole purpose of helping members in the aspect of music. Feel free to post a WIP of a song you are working on if you need help on it. Members are more than likely to help you get your song rolling along. This is also the place to talk about music techniques and software.


Topic Rules


  • First off, you must have a meaningful title. Creating a topic with a title that says, "help me" will be followed by a moderator locking the topic.

  • You must post a direct link to the sound file. You may not link us to a website where members must navigate. This will be considered as advertisement and the thread will be locked. A good place to upload songs are: bb.xieke, bb.ohsk, and bb.hbgames. You may link to a page where the song is located.

    Marking Resource Music
  • When posting music as a resource for other members, you must mark it as [RPG] or [resource] in the title of the thread. This is only for resources, if you are here to ask for a critique, continue on.

    Commercial Music
  • This is not the place to discuss commercial music. If you want to talk about commercial music, go to the Other Entertainment Board.

    Illegal Activities
  • This is not the place to talk about obtaining music programs and songs illegally.

    Posting Guidelines

  • You must wait 48 hours before bumping your topic. The reason for this is to create organization. Bumping every 2 hours will get your thread locked.

  • Also, please do not post in a thread that is more than 30 day old unless of course you are the creator of the thread. The reason behind this is because is not active on the forums anymore.

  • Solid criticism is a must here. There should be no empty feedback. Saying things like "that song sounds great" is not helpful and you will be warned.

    Other Details

    HB Player
  • There's a HBPlayer at the top of this board. It displays all songs from http://bb.hbgames.org

  • Music has a home on IRC. If you are having a musical brainclot or just have a general music question, pop onto irc and join #hbr.

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Post new topic This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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