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  Wed Dec 05, 2012 2:23 pm
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Hello fellow RM users! We're holding an event over at rpgmaker.net to create a pack of free videogame music for everyone to use.

If you're a composer, be sure to check this out! We're handing out multiple money prizes and I dare to expect the final product to be quite awesome, too!

Even if you don't compose music yourself you can suggest themes to the participating composers and give them feedback on their submissions! After the event deadline we will hold a public vote to decide a best composer who will then receive the People's Choice award.

Here's a take from the event announcement:

Calling all composers! - It's RMN music event time again, but this time things are going to be a little different.

So, if you've participated or voted in the RMN music events before you'll have noticed that they have taken the form of competitions with set themes and public voting to determine the winner; this time around however, the main purpose of the event is going to be a bit different. Instead of competing, we're going to collaborate (and for the greater good, to boot! but more on that later)


For this event we're asking that the participating composers create pieces of original RPG/video-game music, as many tracks as they want and whatever they want (but adhering to some basic standards of quality and stuff, see below for details on this).

At the end of the time-frame for this event the tracks will be collected together, given the once-over, standardized into mp3/ogg formats (where necessary), given proper file information tags, given some sweet cover art and compiled into a downloadable "album" or "soundtrack" of royalty free, creative commons licensed music and then hosted on RMN for the whole community/internet to use as they wish in their not-for-profit game-making endeavors (The CC license model we'll be using will be attribution, non-profit).

Essentially, we'll be creating a free rpg music pack for anyone and everyone to use in their games and helping diversify the publicly available resource pool for rm users a little bit.


* For every approved submission you will receive an entry into a raffle draw with a $50 main prize by courtesy of RMN!

* Submitting 1 approved track grants you a 50 ms achievement.

* Submitting 3 approved tracks grants you a 100 ms achievement.

* Submitting 5 approved tracks grants you a 150 ms achievement.

* An excuse to get some practice in or try something new.

* The gratification of giving something back to the community.

* The possibility of your work and name ending up in some cool project you didn't even intend it to be included in.

* The chance to make something cool along with a bunch of other composers.

* A panel of judges will decide on a composer that has contributed the most and grant this person a $70 award by courtesy of Happy! - quality and quantity of the submissions are both taken in consideration. (If you win this award, you cannot win the raffle prize.)

* To receive any prize money you must have an active paypal account.

For further information check the Rpgmaker.net Music Pack event page!

I hope I didn't break any forum rules or offend anyone by this advertisement, as the purpose of this event is to serve the greater good of the Rpg Maker community as whole!

Best regards,

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  Wed Dec 05, 2012 2:25 pm
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I'd also like to add that there's 5 weeks left anymore everyone!


Another $30 prize has been added to the raffle draw, so be sure to get at least one entry in to get a ticket to participate!

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  Wed Dec 05, 2012 4:15 pm
THAT foreigner
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Location: Netherlands
Very cool!


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