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  Fri Sep 25, 2015 6:18 pm
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Mysterious Wizard
I heard they were making it a year ago. Completely forgot about it until I saw a commercial on Syfy. I had heard that it was going to be a reboot but from what I've seen it's picking up where the first show left off, but it's 5 years later and mostly a new cast.
I can't even remember how the the last season ended. I have the first 3 season on Dvd. Not the 4th. It was on tv from 2005-2010. Wow, time flies.

Reborn is a miniseries. 13 episodes.
If you never seen Heroes before, the structure of every episode jumps around to different characters around the world. Slowly unveiling something bigger as they cross paths. They're calling everyone with special powers "Evos" now. They were hidden from the public in the original series but let the secret out at the end. The miniseries picks up with some big explosion that's blamed on the evos and now everyone with powers are going into hiding.

Apparently they started posting web episodes in July. I haven't watch yet.

Returning characters are Noah Bennet, and briefly his partner Rene "The Haitian". Dr. Suresh, Hiro, Parkman, Angela Petrelli (didn't she die?), Micha - the little boy with tech powers; same actor but grown up.

The 2-hour premier features, well, there's a lot of characters but it looks like the stories are focusing on these people. Their promotional posters are in the spoilers.
A guy uncovering the truth that teams up with Noah Bennet.

A highschool boy that teleports objects.

A Japanese girl who enters a video game using a sword (the game part is in 3D)

A guy connected to a masked luchador hero

A trigger happy woman and her partner, killing evos for some reason.

A red head lady, I won't say who she is since it'll ruin the episode.

And they haven't explained this other girl with the northern lights yet.

There's also this mysterious guy in a hat with a suitcase full of pennies, who steals thoughts. He doesn't have a cool promotional ad like the others. There was also a poster for a purple lady, I'm guessing a villain, but she wasn't in the premier.

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  Thu Oct 08, 2015 3:14 pm
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Omnipresent Merchant
I fell out of love with heroes after series one. Up until the start of s2, it was the best thing ever, I was hooked, and other than the annoyingly long "last time on heroes" section I couldn't pick a flaw with it. But series 2, probably largely owing to the writers strike, was just so bad, and it sort of petered (pun unintended) out from there.

But if a reboot can capture the magic of series 1 then I am definitely ready to give it another go. It has a lot to live up to however.

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    united washcloth express
  Fri Oct 16, 2015 9:41 pm
Silenced Security
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L1 Slime
Cocktease, the series.

Every time an amazing battle is about to happen, the episode ends.


Yeah, I'll pass.

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  Sat Oct 17, 2015 12:55 am
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Mysterious Wizard
I can't watch the new episode until I get home.

Imo, if cockteasing leads to fan speculation they're doing something right. If it's not juicy I won't be invested in it.

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