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  Thu Apr 28, 2011 3:56 am


VILA DO NEVOEIRO R.E.L.I.D.O (Fog´s Village)

Translated from Portuguese (Brazil):

Title: Town of Fog R.E.L.I.D.O
Author: Triskal / R.S
Used Maker: RPG Maker XP
Origem: Brazil
Genre: Horror
Current Size: Approx. 234mb
Version: Final
Official Community: http://www.orkut.com...ty?cmm=39260044
Project Source: Town of Fog


... I'm coming home ... For a long and lonesome road ... Who will be there for me? ...
... The same faces are there? Familiar faces? ... The people I loved? ... Never forgive myself.
I devoted more time to the nonsense that people like me ...
I thought it was important to show great for other people ... But they left me so I fall into oblivion ... They never came to get me out of there.
I miss my mother, my father's smile. They were the ones who loved me really. I still remember the rainy days that I sang in the window ... It was you who always encouraged me? ...
Today I'm nothing but a lost soul, a figure in the shadows ... A person without any destination.
I died for you all ... for the rest of the world ...
... Will I wake up, when I go home? ...

The following is part of a story found in the belongings of the journalist and photographer Carlos A. Clark, who disappeared mysteriously on January 16, 2007.

In 1943, a mysterious disease has killed most people in a small village. The infected persons (mostly children) were kept isolated in their homes, and to avoid seeing their parents póprios deformed faces covered them with a cloth bag. Thus was born a legend that you look in the mirror, the person would have stolen their image and in turn, was a phys left her deformed musician and a body without a soul. It was a way to prevent children if they looked in the mirror.

The same year the disease was combated by an armed group invaded the village and killed the victims, and likewise, disappeared mysteriously.

About sixty years later:

Adam moved to the Village Fog, along with his son Charles, in early 2000, shortly after divorcing his wife. Fog village seemed to be the most peaceful city in the world, and also more boring. What would be different from the small country town? Absolutely nothing until Adam waking up and seeing that his son had gone to his house and, with a terrible headache, suddenly realized that it was snowing in midsummer. When outside the home, Adam is faced with the port locked and an anomaly at the gate, preventing any passage.

- Is the devil? - she asked herself.
And who was that strange old man appeared at his house?
- You asked for my services, remember? The two days ... But you said that was so headache ... I think we spent some time sleeping and forgot about ...
"Heaven ... My head ... "....
- Have you seen Charlie? My boy ...
- Ah, yes ... Charles ... You said it was gone, but ... how he could leave with a time like this? And the gate ... is simply no way out ...
- Ha, yeah ... the devil! He wants to torment me ... Do not you think ...

Charles, where's my little "Charlie"? In the midst of a distorted world, Adam Charles desperately searching, not knowing if you're dreaming or going crazy.









Part 1:
Part 2:


Fog´s Village participated in the RPG MAKER BRAZIL AWARDS 2009, and won in the categories: Game of the Year, Soundtrack, Mapping and Graphics.

I apologize for the errors of translation, do not speak English.

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  Thu Apr 28, 2011 7:12 pm
THAT foreigner
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Location: Netherlands
I'm surprised no-one has replied so far.
I didn't download the game, because I have little time to play it.
But based on the graphics alone, it is pretty and consistent looking. Reminds me of Dink Smallwood, with those unhuman, blobby, isometric renders.

Very cool stuff though. If i find the time I'll download it and give you some more in-depth critique!


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    Juan J. Sánchez
  Sat Aug 20, 2011 7:24 am
I'm a doctor in Costa Rica.
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Party Mascot

Location: Costa Rica
So I download Vila do Nevoeiro, or Fog's Village, and I have to say it's absolutely horrible.

Graphics are 100% original, but definitely not in a good sense. Characters are amorphous blocks, reminiscent of PS1 games, which are also terribly aligned. Also, they move almost as if they had a motor dysfunction. All maps are pre-rendered 640px x 480px images, with a heavy addition of fogs and particles effects, that not only make the screen look too busy, but it also slows down the game, making the character movement even more irregular. The best maps are those without any fogs or particle effects, which are also the maps with less lag.

The controls are terrible. The character doesn't move where I tell him to move. The game has an action battle system, which seems to be quite strategic, but since the movement system is crap, you're best strategy is to stay in one place, hit the action button, and hope for the best. There's also an inconsistency between the isometric renders and the character movement. It doesn't help that many of the maps are diagonal pathways. In addition, it's sometimes hard to tell what's passable and what's not.

One final comment about the maps: the light sources don't make sense, and there's a glitch which makes your shadow appear on the other side of the screen.

The music is pretty much standard for an action horror game. However, the sound effects get a tad obnoxious after the first few minutes.

In regards to the story, I barely understood it since I don't speak Portuguese. I did like the fact that the game has a quick introduction that leads straight into action. You're sitting quietly in your kitchen. Suddenly you start hearing noises. And when you know it, you're in some kind of hell hole.

Like any bad RPG Maker game, I got stuck after half an hour, because I had no idea where to go.

This took one hour to download and, quite honestly, it was not worth the while. It's almost as if the game had no beta-testers, which is awkward considering the obvious amount of hard work the author put in making the game.

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    glorious caesar
  Sat Aug 20, 2011 12:31 pm
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Warnings: 1
the screens are initially impressive (well, not to me. i fucking hate the fixed-camera horror genre and think that the lowquality ps1 polygonslooks like total garbage. but impressive to other people who like that kind of stuff.), but I just can't imagine this working in an engine like RMXP without SERIOUS modifications.

and based on juan's post (excellent post bro) it looks like your game has just the problems that i'd expect from screenshots like that.

good luck working out these issues, it looks like you put a lot of work into this :robot:

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