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This resource is based on graphics from the RPG Maker MV RTP. It contains extensive edits but may only be used within the RPG Maker series as per the RTP license.


The Demonlord Battler didn't look right. His chest area suggest a high viewing angle, but the rest of his pose is a lower angle as if he's leaning back; so I redrew his collarbone. As for his Ken-doll anatomy, my first attempt was more revealing but I knew that would make some people uncomfortable so I did another one that's a little more discreet.
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Author: coyotecraft

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  Sat Aug 13, 2016 10:25 pm
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Nice. And, well, if he is gonna walk around in a mankini he has to face the consequences. It also sexifies the male sprites to the same extent as the female sprites are, after all.

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