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Credit: Kadokawa; me optional
Commercial: Free
Non-Commercial: Free
Repost: No
Edits: Allowed, but please link back to this topic
Maker Required: MV, VX Ace and VX. Please see below for more information.

These are a really simple resource but can add a lot to the scene I think. These are a set of resources I am hacking together for my game, so while in my head they make sense to me and represent real skill ideas, they might not to you.


Basically the idea is to use graphical icons for skills and spells, much in the way of certain other games, i.e. Guild Wars 2:


They are used like this, an example from my game:


I have upscaled them there to 42x42 but they are 32x32 icons.


They're nothing special and really simple to make. I just paste a bit of something interesting from the RTP on top of an interesting background from the RTP. Give it a little bit of editing, and fit it to the icon.


The point of graphical skill icons is to represent what the skill is kind of like, creating a memorable image for that skill and a brief description, if possible. So a hand holding a flame, you can kind of gather what's going to happen when you use the skill.

They're usually exaggerated.

For example you can see someone with an arm in front of their face - that could be a defend skill.

License, Credits and Usage

As these are made for my game, and I have access to all of the RPG Maker series, I am using bits and pieces from all over however I see fit. For now this is limited to MV, VX Ace and VX; so for this first set you are going to need to own all of those makers to use them. I will point out which these are.

Other than that, these are free for commercial and non-commercial use. You do not need to credit me, but if you want to, please do so as "Made for Afar", "Afar", or "Badger Games".

If anyone wants to emulate what I'm doing here or add to the set, you're more than welcome.


- can be plugged straight into RPG Maker MV


Line 1, 2, 3: RPG Maker MV
Line 4: RPG Maker MV, RPG Maker VX
Line 5, 6: RPG Maker VX Ace

Author: Ellie

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  Fri Mar 03, 2017 7:56 am
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Looks great!

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